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sexual addiction counseling

Biblical. Affordable. Life-changing. Online Video/Phone Counseling in the privacy of your home, office, when you travel, even in other countries; in short anywhere you can get a strong Internet/phone signal. Pureheart offers Master's level (M. Div. and MA) pastoral counseling; we have counseled brothers and sisters in 48 out of 50 states and 20 countries. We specialize in helping those struggling with porn, masturbation, affairs, and all manner of sexual sin. We also counsel those dealing with abuse, depression, and anxiety, while offering marriage counseling, spiritual mentoring, and help specifically for the wives of sex addicts. Using our unique curriculum filled with WWII stories, images, and comics, we offer a step-by-step process for overcoming sin, dysfunction, and brokenness, so you can become the man or woman of God you've always longed to be. 
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7 Reasons to Call Pureheart

Life’s a battle. Earth’s a war zone. And every man is in a fight. As both a man and minister for decades now, I can guarantee you the battle for sexual purity is one we all face. Everyday... I greatly appreciate Pureheart ministries. They have proven tools, tactics, and training to equip mean to win the fight. If you have any questions at all, contact Pureheart and get involved. Stay pure. Stay faithful. And stay in the fight. You are not alone. Pureheart is determined to leave no man behind.
— Stu Weber, Pastor and Author