Reason #1 for calling Pureheart Ministries

1) Nationwide/Worldwide Online Counseling via Skype and Phone.

Pastoral counseling in the privacy and confidentiality of your own home or your office—we come to you. Anywhere you can get a strong Internet/phone signal you can receive counseling that will change your life. We are currently counseling people in 34 states and 5 countries.

Pureheart offers highly effective, affordable, confidential, and Biblically-grounded pastoral counseling. Pureheart specializes in teaching Christian men and women how to break free of sexual sin, deal with the damage it causes, walk in consistent purity, and live out their God-given destiny. Additionally, we have years of experience counseling adults dealing with chemical addiction, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, childhood abuse and trauma, grief recovery, and/or phase of life issues. We offer pastoral counseling and spiritual mentoring nationwide/worldwide online via Skype or by phone and locally in the Portland, Oregon Metro area. Pureheart counselors are Master’s level counselors and/or experienced pastors who have personally dealt with sexual sin and now walk in consistent purity.