Reason #2 for calling Pureheart Ministries

#2: Specialized counseling for wives.

Pureheart offers counseling tailored specifically for the spouses of sex addicts. We think you are just as important as your loved one seeking counseling and thus we offer proven strategies and practical comfort focused on helping wives deal with their wounds and heal their hearts.

A Wife’s Testimony

"I received counseling through Pureheart for a little over a year to help me heal from my husband’s addiction to pornography. My husband started looking at porn during my pregnancy with our first child and I did not discover the addiction until it had been going on almost a year. I was devastated and didn't know what to do. My struggle was worse for me because I suffered from post partum depression. After months of fighting and my husband trying to stop on his own we realized we needed help and both started counseling with Pureheart.

Jena helped me to process my anger and pain. Through talking with Jena, I learned to look to God for my strength, healing and the ability to forgive. My marriage survived the darkest time we had ever been through and I am stronger now because of it. My husband has had the occasional relapse but was able to maintain his purity for over a year and I know that was the work of God and Pureheart. A recent relapse has shown me that although my husband still struggles, I have been able to grow and can forgive more easily. I am no longer a victim of my husband’s sin but am able to be a pillar of strength and faith for him to lean on as he continues to regain his footing in his walk with Christ and his walk in purity. That is in thanks to God and to Jena. I honestly don't think my marriage would have survived without them both."