Reason #5 for calling Pureheart Ministries:

#5 Been there, done that.

Pureheart counselors have personally felt the impact of sexual sin. From pornography addictions to the heartache of adultery our counselors know the slavery of addictive behaviors and the suffering caused by infidelity, and yet we have all broken free, healed our hurts, and now lead others into recovery and victory. Biblically-grounded, Master’s level, pastoral counselors who have personally overcome that which you struggle with most—why would you ever call anyone else?!

As former pastors and seminary-trained pastoral counselors who can personally empathize with what you are going through, we have designed a cutting-edge curriculum based on our successful process of breaking free of addiction and growing into spiritual maturity. Our curriculum is utterly unique—using World War II as a backdrop, we teach you step-by-step how to get clean and stay clean. What does WWII have to do with purity? We use a warfare theme throughout our curriculum precisely because we want you to understand that living pure in today’s society is an act of war. With the advent of the Internet, living pure in our sex-crazed culture has become increasingly difficult as we are bombarded with temptation from all sides. As your brothers and sisters in Christ, however, we are here to encourage you to fight the good fight, holding on to the Biblical standard of purity until you achieve the righteous walk that, in your heart of hearts, has always been your greatest desire. We have proved the principles we teach in our own lives and in the many success stories of those we counsel. We have been there, done that and yet now we walk in daily purity. If we can break free, anyone can!

Tim's Testimony

Like many Christian men struggling with sex addiction, I knew that sex outside of marriage was wrong, but I managed to justify my addiction to masturbation, fantasy, and pornography on the basis that I was just another red-blooded American male. Unfortunately, Scripture doesn’t mince words. Jesus clearly states that lustful thinking is the same as lustful living. Revelation states unequivocally that the sexually immoral will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. More than anything else, I wanted to break free of my addictive cycle of sex addiction, but back then no one, and I mean no one, talked about sexual sin, much less how to break free of the pit and live in purity...

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