So What's the Bad News and Good News About Sexual Addiction?

The bad news is you need to take sexual sin very seriously. Read Scripture yourself. God does not tolerate sexual sin; there is no compromise in His Word. Purity is absolutely essential to intimacy with God. And yet we live in a world and in a time when sexual sin is everywhere and instantly accessible.  Furthermore you will lose everything if you continue in your addictive behaviors; sexual sin is progressive, you keep getting worse and worse, it is the nature of all addictions. I could tell you horror stories of people who have lost their marriages, their kids, their jobs, their money, and worst of all their relationship with God for the sake of sexual sin. And of all addictions, sexual addiction maybe the hardest to break (you can pull up sexual thoughts in your brain anytime you want). The vast majority of people—I am talking to you—will not break free on their own.



The good news? We have been there and done that. Pureheart counselors were abused and abandoned and addicted just like you. We have been addicted to masturbation, we paid for pornography, and we cheated on our wives or endured adulterous affairs. We understand the magnetic pull of perversion and yet by God’s grace we now walk in consistent purity and our relationships with God and our families have never been better. We will empathize with you and feel your pain and yet we will also walk our talk and model for you the process of breaking addictive behaviors, healing your hurts, and growing up as a man or woman of God. The truth really does set people free—we are living proof of this fact.