What exactly does the Pureheart Process look like?

We have 3 Phases to be accomplished in our counseling.

1) Purity: Here we teach you how to kill your external sexual addiction behaviors like masturbation, porn, and sexual acting out while adding positive disciplines like daily devotions, exercise, family time, accountability, etc. In the long run doing the positive is far more important than obsessing about breaking free of addictive behaviors (almost every addict makes this initial mistake).

2) Maturity: Here we help you discover the internal brokenness that drives your external addictive behaviors. This is another classic addict mistake—attempting to quit an addiction without ever taking the time to figure out the driving force powering the addiction. Something is broken inside of you and until you figure that out you will always be an addictive accident waiting to happen. As we work on internal discovery we also mentor you spiritually because if your heart is full of God it becomes easy to resist temptation, plus we teach you practically how to win the war of spiritual warfare (something the vast majority of Christian counselors completely ignore).

3) Destiny: This is the fun part. Now that you are starting to walk in consistent purity and heal your internal hurts, your relationship with God really starts to take off. Now you can finally discover why God put you on this planet—you have a God-given destiny and calling and nothing will ever be more fulfilling for you than discovering your destiny and then walking in it.