Are you winning the battle for purity? Can you defeat the pull of pornography and/or sexual sin?

Pureheart Ministries offers Biblical, Christian counseling locally in Portland, Oregon and/or nationally via phone counseling for men and couples struggling with the impact of porn and sexual sin. As former pastors, Master’s level counselors, and men who have personally broken free of sexual addiction, Pureheart offers proven results. We have seen tremendous success in helping people break free to consistent purity.

Perhaps you recently discovered that your husband or partner is looking at porn on the Internet. What’s going on in his thought life? Is he having an affair? Is he sexually addicted? Pureheart offers hope, encouragement, and resources for women struggling with their loved one’s sexual sin. Pureheart offers couples counseling in addition to an utterly unique curriculum (using WWII as a backdrop) specifically designed for men. Once again, we have seen dramatic results through our counseling—marriages that were literally on the brink of divorce have been saved and restored. We urge you to call or email us today.

Pureheart counseling is highly effective, affordable, and confidential. Pureheart counselors have all the theological training and experience of pastors, graduate level training and experience as professional counselors, and years of hard-won experience in the school of much suffering because of our addictive behaviors and great success in now living lives of consistent purity. Click on Who is Pureheart? to read our testimonies and find out more about our academic training and experience. We are living proof that God can help anyone break free.

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