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Uncle Pureheart Needs You!

If you have been blessed by Pureheart counselors and books then you already owe a debt of gratitude to the
core of loyal donors who provide the extra cash needed to keep Pureheart running. Special Ops, for example,
probably cost $30,000 to create if you include the weekly 10-20 hours I spent writing and creating it over the
last two years, not to mention the costs for layout, design, editing, and publishing. You will probably never
meet brothers Doug D. or Brain G. or sister Heidi B. or my BOB bros in this life, but they are some of people
who paid that $30,000 cost so you could hold this book in your hands. I am asking you directly, if you have
been blessed by Pureheart, to now return the favor. If your marriage has been saved, your walk with God
transformed, your life set free from the slavery of sin, and if you now walk in ever-growing spiritual maturity,
then I think it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and pass these amazing blessings on to others.
After all, to whom much is given, much is expected!

As you already know, sexual addiction is now an end times epidemic that spans the globe. The sheer damage
this sin inflicts upon the body of believers worldwide is beyond imagining. Across nations families and
marriages are breaking apart, ministries are lost forever, and brothers and sisters live hopeless lives as
perverted captives of the devil. And yet, amid the ruins of this catastrophe there is the hope that Pureheart
sees unfold every day because to those who are forgiven much, the same believers can then love much! At
Pureheart, we use the immediate need of sexual addiction as a means, not just to set believers free from porn
and affairs and adultery, but to see them thoroughly transformed into the men and women of God they have
always longed to be. To accomplish this task you can support Pureheart in two specific areas:

Pureheart’s Core Curriculum

Purity      Maturity      Destiny

Here are early examples of the book covers for Pureheart’s core curriculum. This is a three-stage process by
which we take someone trapped in sexual sin and teach them consistent purity (Basic Training!). Then we
help them identify and deal with their wounds and dysfunction and turn those weaknesses into strengths
(Special Ops!). We then help them discover the God-given calling upon their life and assist them in the
process of turning their dreams into productive reality (Battle Stations!). Some of these brothers and sisters
then join Pureheart at some level and become counselors, group leaders, mentors, donors, and so on,
spreading the Pureheart Process around the globe (Leader’s Guide!). Basic Training! is now available via our
website but I will be redoing the books and improving both writing and design in 2016. Special Ops! will be
available early 2016. Battle Stations! and the Leader’s Guide will be available, Lord willing, in 2018. As you
might imagine all this production requires a great deal of my time, and thus, I am asking you personally and
on behalf of Pureheart and all those who desperately need our help, to become a monthly or annual donor
who gives specifically to produce this curriculum.

Pureheart’s Video Counseling

In the last year alone, Pureheart has counseled and contributed resources to brothers and sisters in 35 states
and 12 countries (England, Portugal, Korea, China, Tanzania, Peru, Germany, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Kenya,
Australia, and New Guinea). We have done absolutely nothing to market Pureheart other than some Google
ads that rarely work, and yet we already reach around the world. I am honestly a little nervous about what will
happen when we finally start making this ministry known. Obviously, the need for Pureheart’s ministry is both
massive and worldwide. Many of these dear brothers and sisters cannot afford to pay US prices for
counseling and resources so my solution is to produce a video series for each book in the Pureheart
curriculum. In other words, videotaped sessions of Pureheart counseling and spiritual mentoring with
Pureheart counselors, myself included. This way, anyone anywhere with an internet connection can
download, night or day, free or for a small donation, video sessions that will walk them through the Pureheart
process step-by-step. Since there are literally millions upon millions of addicted believers in need, this will be
a cost-effective method of reproducing this ministry while minimizing the labor needed to help this many
people. As you might know, filming anything is quite costly so I will need some major donors to step up to
plate. I am also looking for brothers and sisters willing to donate specific skills and equipment in the video
filming and editing field. You can reach me at