“Admit your errors before someone else exaggerates them.”

-Andrew Mason

This statement is never more true that dealing with sexual sin.  This secret sin WILL NOT remain secret.

The best move you can make right now is to aggressively attack, and Pureheart will help you do that.

Our affordable Mentoring Group approach offers a safe, anonymous and accountable place to apply the actions required to rebuild your life, and restore your relationships.

NOTE:  We are in the process of building our Mentoring Groups, so while they are not immediately available now, please feel free to call to discuss your situation.  We have several ways of working with you....

Each group is led by a trained Pureheart Mentor, who has “been down this road”.  Not only have they successfully applied the Pureheart Method, but continue to develop it in their private, and public, lives.  They understand the deep shame that accompanies sexual addiction, and will work hard to protect your privacy, while at the same time, offering the openness and accountability that is crucial to your deliverance.

You will learn key skills in each of Pureheart’s three core areas; purity, maturity and destiny.

These specific and proven skills will help you cope with the challenges, build your relationship with God, and step into the fulfillment of your God-given destiny.

You will receive confidence instead of shame, contentment instead of craving, freedom instead of bondage, and strength instead of weakness to live a life free from this debilitating attack.

The Pureheart Process is a proven, practical method of consistently re-building specific areas of life to offer you a complete approach to life, body, soul and spirit.

You will work through the Pureheart “Basic Training” book, which contains 26 short “briefings”, each consisting of topical readings material, practical homework steps, and weekly accountability.  The workbook will be supplemented with timely videos from Tim Davis to highlight both concepts in the book, and real-life topics applicable now.   (You can preview/download actual Briefings here....)

Mentoring Groups are forming continually in the Portland, Oregon area, as well as online phone groups for distance mentoring.  Contact us to sign up.

For more personal and specific help, counseling sessions with a Pureheart Counselor are always available.