Porn Addiction Counseling | Pureheart

As Master’s level (MA and/or M.Div), seminary-trained, pastoral counselors we specialize in helping those struggling with pornography, masturbation, affairs, and all types of sexual sin. We routinely see people set free from decades-long addictions, marriages restored, hearts healed, and hope renewed. Simply put, we are the most successful, affordable, practical, accessible, and Biblical resource available online today and here’s why:

1) Nationwide/Worldwide Online Counseling via Skype and Phone.

Pastoral counseling in the privacy and confidentiality of your own home or your office—we come to you. Anywhere you can get a strong Internet/phone signal you can receive counseling that will change your life. We are currently counseling people in 34 states and 5 countries…

2) Specialized counseling for wives.

Pureheart offers counseling tailored specifically for the spouses of sex addicts. We think you are just as important as your loved one seeking counseling and thus we offer proven strategies and practical comfort focused on helping wives deal with their wounds and heal their hearts.

3) Biblically-grounded pastoral counseling.

Our counselors are seminary graduates with theological training and most are pastors/former pastors. There is simply no substitute for the power of the Holy Spirit and authority of God’s Word. Pureheart counselors will help you change your life because God has changed our lives! 

4) Master’s level pastoral counseling.

At the same time, all our counselors have MA’s in Mental Health Counseling and/or Master’s of Divinity. Most pastors have little if any training and experience in counseling, particularly when it comes to addictive behaviors. With our pastoral counselors you get the best of secular counseling methods grounded in the bedrock of Scripture.

5) Been there, done that.

Pureheart counselors have personally felt the impact of sexual sin. From pornography addictions to the heartache of adultery our counselors know the slavery of addictive behaviors and the suffering caused by infidelity, and yet we have all broken free, healed our hurts, and now lead others into recovery and victory. Biblically-grounded, Master’s level, pastoral counselors who have personally overcome that which you struggle with most—why would you ever call anyone else?!

6) Don’t take my word for it.

Read our testimonials. We have testimonies from porn addicts. Adulterers. Guys who slept with prostitutes. The wives of unfaithful husbands. Singles. Divorcees. Pastors. Missionaries. Evangelicals. Catholics. CEO’s. Doctors. Lawyers. Electricians. Construction workers. And so on. We even have video testimonials!

7) Affordable pastoral counseling.

We know counseling is expensive so as a non-profit we work hard to keep our prices affordable. Most sessions will cost you between $50-70—this is often half of what other counselors charge.

Please click on the “Getting Started” tab above for more specifics on the Pureheart Process. Our direct line is 503-341-7685 but please leave us a confidential message as we typically screen our calls (no cold callers!). We will most definitely get back to you! You can also email us directly at