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Pureheart offers highly effective, affordable, confidential, and Biblically-grounded pastoral counseling. Pureheart specializes in teaching Christian men and women how to break free of sexual sin, deal with the damage it causes, walk in consistent purity, and live out their God-given destiny. Additionally, we have years of experience counseling adults dealing with chemical addiction, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, childhood abuse and trauma, grief recovery, and/or phase of life issues. We offer pastoral counseling and spiritual mentoring nationwide/worldwide online via Skype/Zoom or by phone and locally in the Portland, Oregon Metro area. Pureheart counselors are Master’s level counselors and/or experienced pastors who have personally dealt with sexual sin and now walk in consistent purity.

Pureheart’s pastoral counseling is unique!

As former pastors and seminary-trained pastoral counselors who can personally empathize with what you are going through, we have designed a cutting-edge curriculum based on our successful process of breaking free of addiction and growing into spiritual maturity. Our curriculum is utterly unique—using World War II as a backdrop, we teach you step-by-step how to get clean and stay clean. What does WWII have to do with purity? We use a warfare theme throughout our curriculum precisely because we want you to understand that living pure in today’s society is an act of war. With the advent of the Internet, living pure in our sex-crazed culture has become increasingly difficult as we are bombarded with temptation from all sides. As your brothers and sisters in Christ, however, we are here to encourage you to fight the good fight, holding on to the Biblical standard of purity until you achieve the righteous walk that, in your heart of hearts, has always been your greatest desire. We have proved the principles we teach in our own lives and in the many success stories of those we counsel. We have been there, done that and yet now we walk in daily purity. If we can break free, anyone can!

Pureheart counseling is Bible-based!

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Using our pastoral training and years of pastoral experience, we have firmly grounded our teaching in Scripture. We know the truth and power of God’s Word from personal experience. Sadly, because of their training, many Christian counselors and psychologists put much more faith in Freud than God. We believe in the miraculous power of God—we are living testimonies to His grace and His ability to save us from the power of darkness and set us free from the deep, deep pit of sexual sin, brokenness, and dysfunction while bringing us into the light! We will pray with you at the beginning and end of every session because ultimately we place far more faith in the Holy Spirit’s power to help you change your life than in our own limited abilities as pastoral counselors. We use Scripture throughout our teaching. 1 Thessalonians 4:3-6 is one of our key passages:

“It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should learn to control his own body in a way that is holy and honorable, not in passionate lust like the heathen who do not know God.” (NIV)

Notice two very important truths from this passage. First of all, sexual purity is not natural behavior, at least not at first, even for the Christian. The default mode for something as powerful as our sex drive is passionate lust. Sexual purity is "learned" behavior. You and I must learn to control our sex drive; it is not something we are born knowing how to do. Secondly, learning implies that you have a teacher. How can we ever expect Christians to live pure if the church in general never teaches them how to achieve consistent purity? When’s the last time you heard a preacher speak on how to break the habit of masturbation, for example, and yet how many men constantly struggle with this habit! Now, however, you have no excuse to stay in sexual sin, because we promise to teach you everything we know about getting pure and staying pure.

Pureheart is cutting-edge!

Our goal is to offer low-cost, individual counseling for you. We use the latest therapeutic models alongside tried-and-true techniques to provide you with the most effective counseling possible. We have had remarkable success in helping men and women overcome a variety of issues and concerns, most notably in the area of sexual purity. Click on the Testimonies tab to read about many real-life examples. Pureheart specializes in helping men and women deal with issues related to sexual purity, but we also have experience treating adults dealing with chemical addiction, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, childhood abuse and trauma, grief recovery, and/or phase of life issues. Pureheart’s approach to therapy incorporates Biblical truth and spiritual mentoring based on our training and experience as pastors combined with the best secular counseling has to offer including Motivational Interviewing techniques, 12 Step methods, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. We do not believe that the counselor is the doctor and the client is the patient; rather we believe that counseling is a process where people work together in order to bring about healing, spiritual maturity, and change. Our goal as counselors is to listen well, give our counselees encouragement and hope, speak the truth in love, accurately discern the root causes behind the issues, and provide practical, solution-oriented steps to freedom. Many people try to overcome addictive behavior on their own, but they fail, not for lack of effort, but simply because they lack the necessary skills. We will equip you with the practical wisdom you need to break the chains of addictive behavior.

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